The GLOP Podcast

Ep 10. It is never about the ‘Washing Up’

October 15, 2021

Gerri has been to an ‘Eating Disorders Conference’ and is left wondering if the Conference tag line was sincere. Accreditation confirming the skill set requirement to work with ‘eating disorders’ is discussed and examined in terms of its symbolic meaning as a possible antidote to a wobbly personal identity. The current demand in Australia for mental health support is examined together with a discussion about Provisional Psychologists being able to offer medicare rebated services. Gerri is nervous. Imy is keen. Gerri is concerned about the level of care offered and will it be enough? Gerri introduces a lesser known Clinical Assessment Tool to assist resolve the dilemma, “Dilbert’s Heirarchy of Workers’ Needs”. And draws some kind of line or link or association with the legacy of adverse childhood experiences. This focus cues Gerri to remember the losses of Australian Animals in the Bushfires. Defining the “losses” proved difficult, possibly due to dissociation. Imy recalls an experience in childhood with a Platypus and Gerri recalls her experience with a Kangaroo. The deeper psychological meaning of Australian Animals is considered and discussed. Kangaroos are always going forward. They also like being put in a sack if distressed, an attachment memory of being bundled in to a pouch. Skills in building and rebuilding relationships across the lifespan are discussed. The carnage of Couple Work reveals Gerri’s ultimate tag line “Love is never enough”. Imy is not so sure, “Love is a lot” and some of it involves ‘listening’ deeply. Things have a greater symbolism but what they represent is not clear. Conflict with a partner is not always what it seems. It is never about “the washing up”, so what is it about? Really? #Platypus #Kangaroo #Psychology

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