The GLOP Podcast

Ep 11. The ‘Half Arsed’ Check In - RUOK?

October 29, 2021

Gerri wants to discuss using that loaded question “RUOK?” She is not happy with the insincere form or the “half arsed check in”. Continuing on with GLOP’s ‘Working Girl’ analogy, Gerri compares the variation of RUOK? Check Ins across ‘Multiple Madams’ and agencies where she “turns tricks”. Shadows of declining coping in response to the Lockdowns and Pandemic lurk everywhere. This rising panic and disturbance to an already ruffled equilibrium throws insincere “Check Ins” in to sharp relief. Imy, on the other hand, has attended an Online Symposium with the tag line ‘Unpacking Trauma’ and throws a light on the diverse, evidence based approaches to treating trauma in its many forms. This topic throws Gerri in to something approximating distress and immediately prompts a review of the ‘literature’. Remaining congruent with Australian’s tendancies to look to an overseas landscape for guidance and reassurance, Gerri has been reading sources that were once the ‘Newspaper’ for the low down on just what is going on and reports the findings regarding which society groups are most affected by Lockdowns, not to mention the increased burden of TeleHealth on the practitioner. Wistful longings for the bladder strength and control of a younger women is briefly mentioned and then released. GLOP conclude this episode with a surprising examination of why Clinical Psychologists end up with a particular kind of person. This compelling topic is opened but not concluded. Until next time … Join Us on Facebook Twitter YouTube and follow along. #womenpodcasters #psychology #RUOK


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