The GLOP Podcast

Ep 12. Shadow? What Shadow? It’s always noon where I am.

November 12, 2021

GLOP find themselves staring in to a familiar abyss, the doledrums of long haul practice and its concomitant demands. Gerri wants to mess about with the existential angst Psychologists encounter at different stages of their working life, particularly the later stage. She has not broken with tradition and has constructed a model to try and clear up the gloom. Results are mixed and inconclusive. Gerri spends the first quarter introducing the GLOP Model of Career Progression which promises seat adhesion. Imy describes the much dreaded and at the same time paradoxically anticipated receipt of a client complaint to the Board. The elusive issue of safety for the Psychologist in the therapy room re-emerges as a topic of mystery and interest. Imy and Gerri face off the four horseman of the Experienced Psychologists’ Apocalypse; being seduced by a client, the joy of going to Court, brushes with death and the unanticipated malevolence or avoidance or cowardice exhibited by colleagues where the result squarely lands you in it. It is hard to find humour in the horrific but GLOP find a way, either accidentally or on purpose as they comb through what could-a, would-a, should-a or should not have happened. How do you handle yourself in the presence of the Board? Can predators finally learn the skills of intimacy? And is there a role for Authentic Communication in these most stressful of moments? Follow along #TheGLOPPodcast on Facebook Twitter YouTube and join the conversation. #womenpodcasters #psychologystuff #lifestory

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