The GLOP Podcast

Ep 13. The Finger of Blame turns upon itself

November 26, 2021

Gerri wants to continue on with GLOP’s investigation of difficult themes and bravely introduces the topic of ‘treatment failures’. This intrepid investigation is introduced with all the crowd pleasing nuance of humility disguised as confidence winked at with a confusing double signal pointing to the protective, reassuring, cloaking presence of a “webinar”. Trouble in the therapeutic relationship complicated by external stresses is examined within an inch of its life. Gerri has fronted up to a job interview under lockdown conditions. Results sadly, fell short of what was desired. Leading with complete authenticity can itself create a group process at an inconvenient moment. Imy introduces the inherent strictures of business and the unavoidable impact this has on practice. Gerri was surprised by the interviewer’s bravery scoping out the minefield of “how to handle ruptures in the therapeutic alliance” and experienced frontal cortex load ‘overload’. Declining levels of estrogen, the hormone disrupting effects of soy products and the concomitant impact on bladder resilience was revisited. Themes of Psychologists’ Safety in practice were once again reviewed. Imy experienced pressure within a working environment to provide after hours services, completely alone on site. Imy widens the discussion to include female health care providers responding to male clients presenting and wanting to ‘impress’ by displaying their reproductive organs. The presence of an archetypal predator is detected but not located thereby increasing the sense of threat. What is the take home? When voyaging in to the darkness, never question the aggregate knowledge of the Ancestors. Instinct. 

#womenpodcasters #psychology #lifestory

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