The GLOP Podcast

Ep 14. It’s Christmas: ‘Don’t throw me in the Briar Patch!’

December 10, 2021

Imy & Gerri review the year that was with mixed results. Imy is unhappy. Gerri is encouraged. Christmas is a time of exhaustion and aspirational Self Reflection. How did we go? Did we cover everything that was and was not - discussed? Was something important missed? The clashing between Counselling and Clinical Psychology reaches an inevitable climax as Imy identifies the contradictions of primary and secondary processes. There are further shocks as Imy reveals her carnivorous compulsion to continue on – is flagging. The necessity of numinosity for a ravenous Psychologist needed to fuel the onward journey is, sadly, declining. Imy wants to give focus to the relationship, to what happens in the between space, to explore intimacy for predators in a last ditch attempt to resurrect the creation myth of GLOP. Gerri counters with a powerful observation, she perceives Imy’s disclosures are not sufficiently personal. Themes of Self Awareness and the benefits of ‘Inner Work’ for the development of the Psychologist, the Profession and the Community are touched upon. Imy makes an offer to finish 2021 and closes out the year on the edge of a perceptual cliff. What will happen? Thanks for joining GLOP this Year, we hope you enjoyed being along for the ride. Please accept our Best Wishes for you and your family over Christmas. YouTube says what we mean in a way - we cannot, just CLICK THE LINK. #TheGLOPPodcast #womensupportingwomen #peaceout


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