The GLOP Podcast

Ep 5. “Blood Feuds: Is Justice ever done?”

August 6, 2021

Imy discloses a legacy issue from her distant past that is as yet unresolved. GLOP consider the variety of legitimate and otherwise responses to the dilemma of ‘injustice’ when it arrives in the therapy room. The need for therapeutic support being a close colleague of injustice in all its forms. The phenomenon of the abuse of power by those we are bound to through a relationship of dependence, inferiority, necessity or circumstances are examined. Comfort and familiarity with conflict in close relationships or with agencies of authority are cautiously tippy toed around. The risks of being exploited when young by those senior members of society, due to - the circumstances of being young, i.e. you are essentially compelled to trust and look to Elders for guidance, are examined. Gerri brings the focus on the pitfalls of pursuing justice too far, the dangers of obsession. Imy counters with a condition, it all depends whether the violation of justice experienced also threatens an individual’s survival. Shadows of Jordan Peterson and the Dominance/Competence Hierarchy lurk everywhere. Gerri suggests food and sharing food in the spirit of hospitality might provide answers in some unexpected places – the area of relationships and social reciprocity. Eating disorders are reviewed and Imy describes the role of ‘self hatred’ corner in Group Therapy. #gloptrotter #women #womenpodcasters

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