The GLOP Podcast

Ep 6. “Is my Professional Willy as big as yours?

August 20, 2021

Gerri revisits the delight and self assurance she derives from wearing articles of Uniqlo. Imy insists on a deeper examination of the phenomenon and the issue of group membership as an aspect of identity. Specifically as it relates to the challenges of dealing with colleagues and juggling the role of “Psychologist” with the many other roles vying air time and the opportunity to speak. Imy brushed the dust off the School of Ego Psychology and proposed unstable object relations as the likely causal culprit. Gerri counters this proposal by referencing Schema Therapy. Finding themselves at a therapeutic stand off Gerri seizes the opportunity to review micro-aggression within professional circles and their gatherings. Discrepancies between the chronological and developmental age of the colleagues gathered was noted but not concluded. Gerri describes an experience of being at one gathering and stumbling in to a conversation about herself that inconveniently was not intended to include her. Awkward moments and using mindfulness to tolerate discomfort is discussed in some detail. Themes of belonging and not belonging are reviewed. Imy reviews a recent dinner with colleagues where individuals compared their relative success in relation to each other as defined by an unknown heuristic. Findings were more confusing than conclusive however – significant showing off was observed. Findings did indicate potential therapeutic application for sleep disturbance, however, as is often the case in the noble discipline of Psychology – further investigation is indicated. #gloptrotter #women #womenpodcasters

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