The GLOP Podcast

Ep 7. “Are Books better ‘low rent’ friends?”

September 3, 2021

Gerri begins with an impressive middle-of-the-road laundry list of “professional reading”. Or atleast, that is what we are calling it as far as Gerri’s tax accountant is concerned. A visual inspection of the data is suggestive of an immediate fool proof cure for insomnia. However a closer ‘under the hood’ examination revealed, as per usual, deeper more mysterious forces at work. On this occasion, Tiger is cast aside as a transitional object and books are employed instead, substituted as … well Imy and Gerri try to work out exactly what it is they do represent. Themes of certainty, authority, acceptance, perfectionist thinking, procrastination and  its reliable shadows of unrelenting standards and self sacrifice are all welcomed, then interrogated and maybe transformed? Any effects observed maybe due to placebo. Or if not transformed, are awaiting the informed consent required for transformation to occur. Neither could locate the current proforma and paperwork in use. This difficulty is followed by the derivative discussion about Schema Therapy and its underpinings versus … well Imy digs up a fossil and wants to revisit a relic from the Ancient World, the School of Object Relations. In particular, how important is the role of ‘the Other’, the one looking at you, in the development of psychological wellbeing. And if no one is looking at you, do you exist? Imy has had an interesting dream about Gerri, the night before and spends much of the session trying on and off to determine why Gerri looked different, as in more glamourous in the dream. Lipsticks, makeup and books on high rotation are reviewed in terms of efficacy with inconclusive findings. That’s it. Onward. #psychologystuff #lifestory #nevergiveup

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