The GLOP Podcast

Ep 8. “When is a cliché the right thing to say?”

September 17, 2021

‘Cliches’ in practice are bothering Gerri and the issue of the sometimes needed and even authentic use of cliché is considered and embedded within the context of safety at work. The much needed but not always considered safety for the practitioner hovers around the edge of the discussion like Banquo’s ghost. Not being exactly on the same page, Imy interprets the business of cliches in a different direction resembling a position of something approximating self reflection. The conversation winds around to resentment, in particular how to deal with resentment in a colleague in a work place. Imy raises the confusing double speak often present within the work place where mysterious magical forces steer away rather than towards achieving the goals of utopian mission statements. Gerri describes the 1984 practice of colleagues reporting on one another in an attempt to purge themselves of the grip of internal corruption. The viral nature of resentment is observed and discussed within the confines of the work place. Humour is proposed as a way forward and Imy describes an attempt at work place community building on April Fool’s Day where practical jokes were not only permitted but resulted in coming very close to insight and even growth. Did it work? Who can say. You be the judge, jury and … #womenpodcasters #psychologystuff #lifestory

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